School Uniform

All pupils in Dalziel are expected to wear the full school uniform and to be proudly associated with the School. Indeed, the School Partnership Agreement - which parents, pupils and the School sign at the beginning of each academic session - clearly states that:

  • "Parents/Guardians will try hard to ensure that their child follows the school dress code."
  • "Pupils will try their best to ensure that they adhere to the School dress code."

This is very clear and simple.

The School Uniform consists of:

  • Dalziel High School blazer (blue) with School Tie
  • Black/grey trousers or black/grey skirt
  • Black/grey pullover or black/grey cardigan
  • Outdoor shoes

and, in addition,

  • Girls may wear the 'Dalziel Tartan' skirt

Pupils in Dalziel wear the school uniform, and this is well received and well remarked upon by everyone associated with the School and the community.