Health Fayre 2017

This week we celebrate our 23rd annual Dalziel High School Health Fayre.

At Dalziel we take Health promotion very seriously through Health & Wellbeing lessons, Sporting Activities and Extra Curricular events. We aim to create opportunities for every pupil of Dalziel to become the healthiest versions of themselves and the Health Fayre is part of this process.

This year the theme of our Health Fayre is the British Transplant Games. We were delighted to have 3 speakers at our opening ceremony; Melissa Fraser, whose son was the recipient of a kidney transplant, John McDevitt, a former janitor here at Dalziel who was the recipient of a transplant and Depute Provost Jean Jones. Haggi the Mascot also came along to say hello.

Each year we ask the primaries to take part in a competition to design our programme front cover. We are delighted with the results and each primary has their own winner. However our overall winner Jamie McKellar from Knowetop Primary joined us at the opening ceremony today. Also as part of the Health Fayre, every day this week at lunch time we have sporting events such as Beach Volleyball, Futsal and Staff v Pupils rowing competitions and we end the week with our very own ‘Bring it on’ Dance Competition.

We have an Anthony Nolan registration day and as always the opportunity to donate blood. So a very busy week……