Choral Shield 2018-Tickets on Sale Now !

Tickets for the Choral Shield 2018 are on sale now !

The Choral Shield 2018 takes place in the Motherwell Concert Hall on Monday 25 June & Tuesday 26 June.

Those of you who have attended previous Choral Shield performances will know that this is a wonderful occasion - arguably, the biggest event of the year in Motherwell! It’s a quite wonderful tribute to the pupils involved that, year-on-year, they can produce a show of such high quality.

This will be a highly popular and prestigious event and the pupils are adamant that this year’s Choral Shield will be even better than last year. Please note that there is no bar on the amount of tickets allocated per person. They will be given on a ‘first-come-first-served’ basis.

All tickets ordered and supplied MUST BE PAID FOR. Given the huge numbers and logistics involved, WE CANNOT ‘TAKE BACK’ ANY TICKETS which are surplus to requirements. I would ask that you consider this and only order those tickets which you require.

Parents and interested friends/relatives are invited to return the tear-off slip which can be downloaded below and hand it into the school, indicating their orders as soon as possible. Please do not send any money with orders - payment will be taken on receipt of tickets.