Religious & Moral Education

Religious Education

Religious & Moral Education

Members of Staff:

  • Margaret-Ann Docherty - Principal Teacher
  • Mr Justin Richards

Topics Studied:

S1 – Religion and Life
A study of the six major world religions. Pupils look at the history, traditions and ceremonies in an analysis of the impact religion has on the lives of religious people.

S2 – Hero's of Faith
Pupils look at the life and works of famous figures that used religious teachings in their work. Nicky Cruz, Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King are studied.

S3 – Medical Ethics
As an introduction to moral education pupils are introduced to controversial topic of medical ethics. Units discussed include euthanasia, embryology and plastic surgery. Units will be assessed at Intermediate 1 level.

S4 – War and Peace
Pupils will look at conflicts, past and present, and analyse them using modern philosophical and ancient religious teachings. Units will be assessed at Intermediate 1 level.

S5 – Pop Philosophy
An introduction to the world of philosophy. Pupils will look at popular culture and media to promote discussions of the place of religion and philosophy in the modern world.