Pistoia Twinning 2012

September Visit 2012 - Scottish Programme

Wednesday 12 September

Pescia Group

Pescia Group arrives at Edinburgh about midday and is transported to The Moorings Hotel, Motherwell. Scottish students/parents meet Italian twins at Dalziel High School at the end of the school day in the Assembly Hall and spend the evening together. 21.00/30 Italian students return to the hotel accompanied by Scottish twins and parents if transport required.

Thursday 13 September

When in class with your Scottish Twin it would great if your twin could participate in the class as much as possible.

Day 1 in school

As the first 2 periods are in H.E. Could you arrange to pick up your twin from there and either take them to lunch with you or meet them in the social area in time for period 4. Try to keep track of their day and meet them when they are going to class with you.

  • 09.45 - Italian students and staff arrive in school
  • 09.50 - 11.50 (Period 2/3) Home Economics Department
  • 11.55 - 12.45 Lunch in canteen or with Scottish twins
  • 01.40 - 02.35 (Period 5) Go to Modern Languages Department (Mandarin)
  • 12.45 - 01.40 (Period 4 )After lunch go to class with your Scottish twin
  • 02.50 – 15.45 (Period 6) After the break go to class with your twin
  • 15.45 - Italian students go home with Scottish twins for dinner.
  • 22.00 - Italian students are accompanied to the Moorings by Scottish families.

Friday 14 September

Pescia Group

Day 2 in school

(As above in terms of meeting and looking after your twin.)

  • 09.50 - 10.45 (Period 2) Go to Modern Languages Department
  • 11.00 - 11.55 (Period 3) Go to PE Department
  • 11.55 – 12.45 Lunch in Canteen or with Scottish twins
  • 12.45 – 01.40 (Period 4) Class with Scottish twin
  • 01.40 – 02.35 (Period 5) Go to Music Department
  • 02.50 – 03.45 (Period 6) Class with Scottish twin
  • 03.45 - Home with Scottish twin (possibly make an arrangement to collect clothes for disco or bring change of clothes (if required) to school.


  • 19.00 - Disco in Turnbull High School, Bishopbriggs (All Schools involved in the exchange)

Pescia Group

Scottish parents transport Italian guests to disco with Scottish pupils.

  • 21.30 - Italian/Scottish twins collected from disco by parents.
  • 22.00 Italian students return to Hotel accompanied by twins and families. *

*Car sharing where appropriate

Saturday 15 September

Trip to Edinburgh (Free day/evening) Italian Group Only

*Car sharing where appropriate

Sunday 16 September

Sightseeing/shopping in Glasgow or other (Free day/evening)

Monday 17 September

Visit to Stirling

Italian students and staff

  • 09.30 - Depart Moorings Hotel by coach with Italian groups on board.(NB Remember to bring change of clothes (if required) for the Ceilidh.)
  • 10.30 - Arrive Stirling. Visit Stirling Castle, Shopping
  • 17.00 - Depart Stirling by coach for Motherwell.
  • 18.00 - Arrive Our Lady’s High School where pupils can change for the Ceilidh. Fish and chips/pizza provided.


  • 19.00 - 21.30 Ceilidh, Or Lady's High School, Motherwell (All Schools involved in the exchange)

All Scottish students should make their way to Our Lady’s High School, Motherwell and meet Italian twins in time for the start of the Ceilidh.

  • 21.30 - Italian and Scottish twins collected from Ceilidh by parents who will accompany Italian students to their residence. (Parents may wish to consider car pooling if distances are involved.)

Tuesday 18 September

Pescia Group

Trip to new Lanark for Italian visitors

  • 10.30 - Depart Motherwell and return at the end of the school day
  • 15.45 - Scottish twins meet Italian twins either at the hotel or the school.

Final evening with families and return to hotel as usual.

Wednesday 19 September

Pescia Group departs

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Miss Grieve at school and once again many thanks for your support in this exchange.