CfE Broad General Education

In the lower school, pupils follow a Broad General Education in line with the principles of Curriculum for Excellence.  In S1 pupils will experience 8 Units aimed at developing skills in Observation and Recording, Design and Expressive Media and Technology experimentation, exploration of the Design Process and Creating Communicative artworks.  In S2 pupils cover 5 units - aimed at further developing skills in experimentation with Design and Expressive Media and Technologies, deeper learning in terms of the Design Process and Creating Communicative artworks.  S3 pupils receive 3 periods per week and begin the year with developing critical analysis skills, and progress into design and expressive work. All pupils have the opportunity to experience success in Art and Design and this is celebrated regularly through exhibitions and displays.

  All pupils follow the revised units of work in line with CFE and have benefited from increased active learning and Aifl strategies which have been integrated into class work.  The learning and teaching methodologies used in the department are designed to give pupils opportunities to develop these capacities. Courses offer progression and appropriate challenge, whilst taking account of prior learning. The subject naturally cultivates several important aspects, particularly critical and creative thinking, problem-solving, evaluating and decision-making. Experiential learning is a key approach and pupils are given ample scope for choice and personalisation, which encourages enthusiasm and motivation.

Many units of work include inter-disciplinary learning, to encourage pupils to understand the wider context of their learning and link relevant aspects to cross-curricular areas.


Pupils in Art and Design follow skills based courses in S1-3, developing confidence in Expressive, Design and Critical work.  Units covered are focussed on development of skills and confidence whilst allowing learners to build on prior learning and apply learning in new and unfamiliar contexts.

Pupils will participate in exhibitions and excursions to enhance their learning experiences and are given regular homework to consolidate learning completed in class. Pupils will work individually and as part of groups, developing collaborative working as well as independent thinking. Underpinning the work of the Art and Design department is the development of skills and confidence in a variety of skills which are transferable to other curricular areas and to life outwith school. The Art and Design curriculum at all levels includes opportunities for developing skills.

We also offer a number of extra-curricular and supported study experiences for our learners in S1 - S3, including lunchtime Art and Design Clubs and clubs that support our learners in SQA related courses.